Life At Large


What is #L.A.L ?

L.A.L is a queer-led performance duo using satire & comedy to create performance, video & print. By subverting the language of wellness our work critiques mental health rhetoric under capitalism. We create interactive performance environments temporarily queering the galleries, institutions & community spaces we inhabit: challenging power structures & questioning who gets to feel good, when & how.

Our workshops and interactive performances are designed to be all inclusive for our  participants and co-creators. Our aim is to create a safe space which encourages creativity and play to take place.

L.A.L is a long term collaboration between artist’s Kevin Clarke & Amy Pennington who have worked with Duckie Queer Fun 2017, Camberwell Arts Festival 2018, Islington Mill 2018, Strange Perfume South London Gallery 2018, Manchester Contemporary 2018, Planes & Perverts LGSMigrants fundraiser 2019.